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Have you heard about the latest in dental technology? Want to know the new ways that implants can be placed in? Are you curious about the strides being made in braces? Perhaps you want to know if there any new techniques or practices in place that will help improve your smile. We want you to always have access to the latest information when it comes to something as important as your smile. Below you will see some of the latest news and advances in the dental industry.

We were recently featured in The Mill magazine.

the mill article

Magazine quote

“Aesthetic Dentistry

Many cosmetic procedures and aesthetic cases can be accomplished in as little as two treatment appointments with significant and lasting results. My patients are overwhelmed with emotion at the delivery of their new smiles. They leave the office loving their results and have lots to smile about. I have provided enhancements and makeovers for both males and females of all ages. In my experience, I have witnessed transformations with happiness, appreciation, and beautiful smiles filled with gratitude.
Performing a cosmetic smile makeover and seeing how this can impact a patient in a positive way is gratifying for both the patient and me. To see that beautiful smile, and know I was able to help that person achieve their enhancement makes me love what I do. I truly believe in giving my patients custom care and keeping the focus on the patients’ wants and needs. We are able to achieve health and beauty with advanced dental techniques and modern bio compatible dental materials. A person can have dental treatment today, with the results looking and feeling like their own teeth.”

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