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As Oral health professionals, we are responsible for helping our patients in keeping their teeth clean and disease free. Maintaining good oral health is more than just brushing & flossing your teeth; you need to visit an oral hygienist on a regular basis to get professional treatment. Dental hygiene treatment cleans your teeth professionally; this includes:

  • Scaling
  • Polishing
  • Applying fissure sealants and topical fluoride
  • Identify misaligned teeth, wearing and crowding of teeth, reseeding gums, bleeding gums, dark and stained teeth
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Vital signs
  • Education of existing oral health conditions
  • Preventative Oral health Education


Our key role is to show our patients the best way to keep their teeth free from plaque.

We focus on preventive dental care. We work to save your teeth by preventing and treating gum disease, saving you from other related problems.

Professional dental examinations are all about preventing prevailing problems from getting worse and preventing oral problems from developing in the future. Coming for dental checkups regularly makes it possible to identify and treat the problem in its initial stage, which is not only good for your dental health, but good for your pocket too!

Preventive care to improve oral hygiene is the best way to ensure a set of robust and long-lasting teeth. For that, we apply fluoride, take x-rays, and examine the patient’s teeth and gums for mouth diseases.
Working to maintain your dental hygiene needs is very important to us; this is why, we give you the time needed to meet all of your individual dental hygiene requirements.

We, at Aesthetic Dentistry are working to improve your oral health and our goal is to enhance your lives by reducing the damage caused by oral diseases – many of which are completely preventable. We help a number of people to boost the health of their mouths by providing advices, information and education materials and resources.

We always feel excited to be a part of your general health and wellness plan.

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