Laser Therapy

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Are you avoiding dental treatment because you can’t stand the sound of the dental drill or the ultra-sonic scaler? Then there is good news for you! Dental treatment can now be carried out soundlessly within a matter of minutes, but it has also become quite safer, thanks to laser dentistry.

Laser Therapy
What is Laser Dentistry?

A laser is basically a very narrow beam of light that contains high energy. When a laser hits a dental tissue, the high energy of the laser results in a reaction which can be used to carry out various procedures in dentistry such as teeth cleaning, surgery and tooth preparation. Lasers were originally introduced in dentistry in 1994. However, it was not until the recent years that there use became frequent in clinical dentistry.

How are Lasers Used in Dentistry?

Lasers in dentistry are nowadays being used to perform a wide array of procedures quickly and safely.

  • Tooth Preparation – one of the most important uses of lasers in dentistry is to remove cavities from teeth and for tooth preparation before placing dental crowns and bridges.
  • Endodontic Treatment – gone are the days when root canal treatment was performed by using scary looking instruments. Lasers are being used for gaining endodontic access, root canal preparation and disinfection. Thanks to the dental lasers, root canal has now become a fairly straightforward and safe procedure.
  • Teeth Whitening – Lasers are also being successfully used to speed up a teeth whitening procedure by activating the bleaching agent when it exposed to a source of a laser light.
  • Surgery – since lasers are packed with high energy, they are also used in removal of lesions and biopsies. In contrast to the conventional surgical techniques, laser assisted surgery provides improved results and better prognosis.
  • Gingivectomy – lasers can also be used to remove excessively enlarged gum tissues
What are the Benefits of Using Lasers in Dental Treatment?

Wondering why you should prefer laser dental therapy over conventional treatment? Here’s why!

  • Quick Results – with the help of lasers, dental procedures can be performed quickly, thereby saving the time of the dentist as well as the patient.
  • Safety and Precision – dental procedures performed with lasers are not only much more precise, but they are also quite safer than the conventional dental treatment.
  • Improved Healing – laser surgery has an added advantage of having lesser morbidity and quick healing.

Wondering why you should prefer laser dental therapy over conventional treatment? Here’s why!

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