PX3 Mouthguard

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Neuromuscular dentistry puts forward the concept that the ideal jaw alignment has significant impact on a patient’s overall body wellness. At Aesthetic Dentistry, Dr. Gino focuses on bringing his patient’s muscles, bones, and joints of the mouth in sync. This approach has influential effects in improving the overall body function. By identifying the ideal bite, the professionals at our practice can enhance your posture, flexibility, balance, and strength.

What is the PX3 Mouthwear?

It is an oral custom-fitted appliance designed for both contact and non-contact sports including basketball, hockey, baseball, football, golf, boxing, swimming, running, and more. The PX3 Mouthwear is based on the philosophy of neuromuscular dentistry, which puts stress on how the structures of the mouth affect and relate to each other. Its design protects the mouth from traumatic injuries and also improves the position and function of the jaw.
The PX3 Mouthwear has a good reputation, as it is the choice of some of the world’s best athletes, including Robinson Cano, Bode Miller and Ladainian Tomlinson. By relieving muscle tension in the jaw, this Mouthwear enables the body to function efficiently and make best use of muscle strength. With a relaxed bite, the athlete is athletically more inclined, in terms of strength, balance and flexibility.


Receiving custom-fit PX3 Mouthwear

It is a highly-individualized procedure, in which our dental team thoroughly analyze the whole structure of the mouth. Experienced professionals at Aesthetic Dentistry take an impression and send it to a dental laboratory, where the mouthwear is created. Once the mouthwear has been delivered, we adjust it in the patient’s mouth. After this, the patient can enjoy its innumerable health and performance-enhancing benefits for years to come.


Benefits of PX3 Mouthwear

The body is in a more comfortable and relaxed state, without unnecessary pressure on the jaw, which enables the body to function at a superior level. The prevalent benefits of wearing a mouthwear includes:

  • Increased upper body strength
  • Improved posture
  • Great range of motion
  • Improved core balance
  • Custom-fit and comfortable


Get it today

To gain the competitive edge you have been searching for, get the PX3 Mouthwear. Increase your comfort, contact Aesthetic Dentistry, Woodmere Village, OHio dental practice today.


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